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Advanced Options for Facial Contouring

With the explosion of selfies, who doesn’t want a great profile photo? One of the defining characteristics of a great face shot is the jawline. In both men and women, the jaw and neck contour are one of the defining features of the face. With digital technology, apps, lighting, and highlighting, we can easily enhance that appearance. But, for patients who want to improve the jawline and contour IRL (“in […]

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When considering abdominoplasty or liposuction, it helps to think about what each of these procedures are designed to accomplish, as well as what they entail. The principles of evaluation are relatively simple, and it’s important to focus on the basics — especially with all of the marketing out there, such as fancy names and characterizations of what will be done. 1) If there is excess skin, damaged skin, or folds, […]

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Body Contouring in the New Year

Did you vow to lose weight last year? Have you noticed areas of fat that simply won’t go away? Or excess skin that is still “hanging around?” In this article, Dr. Liu discusses options to complete your weight loss journey and feel more satisfied with your appearance. Many patients often ask, “Do I need liposuction? Or do I need body-contouring surgery?” The answer is, it depends. Both procedures are related […]

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