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Breast Aesthetics Overview

breast-copyAesthetic surgery of the breast is a very common procedure in the United States. Patients may be motivated to undergo cosmetic breast surgery for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the breast is smaller or larger than a woman would like. Also, the breast undergoes anatomic and physiologic changes over time. These may be caused by gravity, weight fluctuation, significant weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding, and the natural aging process. As a result, the decision to undergo aesthetic surgery of the breast is very personal. The options for breast enhancement can be broadly divided into three categories: enlargement (augmentation), lift (with or without augmentation), and reduction.

Breast augmentation (enlargement) with the use of silicone or saline breast implants will make the breasts larger. Some women feel that breast augmentation will improve their self image. Others may want breast implants to improve their appearance in swim suits or clothing. Breast augmentation can dramatically change a woman’s appearance and self esteem by changing the size of the breasts to give a fuller or more youthful appearance.

Many women seek to improve the shape of the breast without changing the breasts’ size. A mastopexy (breast lift) can restore a youthful shape to the breast to counter the changes of pregnancy, breast feeding, weight fluctuation, and age. A mastopexy will lift and improve the shape of the breast but will not enlarge the breast. Sometimes, a combination of breast implants and lift (augmentation mastopexy) can be done to reshape and enlarge the breast.

Other women may feel that their breasts are too large. In these patients, breast reduction surgery may improve confidence and self-esteem while restoring the aesthetic balance of a woman’s upper torso. A breast reduction is performed to recontour and reduce the size of the breast. During this procedure, the breast will also receive a more youthful shape.

I had a breast augmentation done in 2014 by Dr. Jerome Liu and words cannot explain what a beautiful job he did. They are absolutely perfect. Dr. Liu is very professional, kind, intelligent, and he is about about the natural look. I had been to other breast augmentations in the Bay Area and he is by far the best. I would highly recommend him and the facility is very nice!

Amanda Rehm

April 11, 2016


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Whatever the reason, cosmetic surgery of the breast can provide psychological, aesthetic, and personal benefits for the right candidate. To find out if breast augmentation (implants), mastopexy (breast lift), or breast reduction is right for you, please make an appointment with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Jerome Liu or Dr. Tom Liu.

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