Our skilled San Jose plastic surgeons, Dr. Jerome Liu and Dr. Tom Liu, can customize and direct treatments, adjusting the needle depth based on your individual needs and delicate facial features. All treatments are performed by the aesthetic plastic surgery nurse practitioner, Michelle. The micro-perforations created by the microneedling device stimulate the body’s natural healing process and collagen production, leading to smoother, tighter, revitalized skin.

To learn more about microneedling, or to schedule a consultation with any of our providers, please contact us today.

Benefits of Microneedling

While most patients choose to focus collagen induction treatment on facial rejuvenation, the treatment can be applied to any area of the body. Microneedling can also be used on all skin types and colors to treat a multitude of concerns, including acne scars and wrinkles. Furthermore, this procedure and technology can be used to treat stretch marks.

The unique design of microneedling devices allows for vertical micro-perforations during treatment, as opposed to the rolling technique often used in other needling treatments. This leads to more precise needling, less damage to the epidermis, improved patient comfort, and more rapid recovery

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What to Expect

During treatment, the provider will carefully move the device over the desired treatment area, creating tiny punctures in the skin. The needle depth can be adjusted throughout treatment to accommodate various needs. Treatment typically takes less than an hour, but can vary depending on the desired treatment area. Temporary discomfort, similar to that of a mild sunburn, can occur afterwards. Recovery usually does not take long; most patients notice their skin has completely healed in as little as three days.

Does it Hurt?

Although microneedling devices are designed specifically to minimize discomfort during treatment, we routinely apply numbing and cooling creams prior to treatment to enhance your overall experience.

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How Long is Recovery?

Following microneedling treatment and percutaneous collagen induction, the treated skin will appear red and likely become relatively sensitive, but this should resolve after approximately 24 hours. Within three days, skin should appear noticeably healed. Results will become more apparent over time, with most patients seeing beautiful, revitalized skin after about six to eight weeks. In the following year, results should continue to improve as collagen is regenerated in the treated areas.

Revitalize Your Skin with Microneedling

If you are interested in receiving microneedling treatment, please contact Liu Plastic Surgery today to learn more or schedule a consultation with one of our San Jose plastic surgery providers.

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