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“Being a mom is pretty amazing—from watching your pregnant belly grow to holding your little one for the very first time. With those memorable moments come changes to your body that may be, well, a little less than amazing.” ¹ Our office is participating in the “It’s My Turn” campaign, sponsored by Allergan, to encourage our beautiful, dedicated mommy makeover patients to focus on themselves! Moms are always putting their […]

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When considering breast surgery, there are three main questions that the patient should answer: 1) Do I want to be larger? 2) Do I want to improve my breast shape? 3) Do I want to be smaller? Once these questions have been answered, it becomes much simpler to determine the appropriate operation. If a patient wants to be larger, increasing the volume of the breast can be accomplished with breast […]

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Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and they can change with time, pregnancy, and weight gain or loss. If you’re considering breast surgery to help enhance the size and the shape of your bust, our skilled plastic surgeons, Dr. Jerome H. Liu and Dr. Tom S. Liu, can develop a customized treatment plan tailored to suit your anatomic needs and expressed goals. Most people think of breast augmentation or enlargement when they think […]

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