Advanced Options for Facial Contouring

Advanced Options for Facial Contouring

Posted on January 12, 2017

With the explosion of selfies, who doesn’t want a great profile photo? One of the defining characteristics of a great face shot is the jawline. In both men and women, the jaw and neck contour are one of the defining features of the face. With digital technology, apps, lighting, and highlighting, we can easily enhance that appearance. But, for patients who want to improve the jawline and contour IRL (“in real life”), results can be more easily achieved than most think!

An aesthetic face shape involves prominent cheekbones, a defining jawline (which is most often more sharp in men than women), a slimming chin, open eyes, and full lips. These characteristics can often be affected by fat, as it can obscure the aesthetic lines in men and women. They can also be affected by a lack of volume. Fortunately, procedures that involve removing fat or adding volume are available for our patients so they can attain their ideal face shape and a sense of balance in their facial features.

In order to achieve a slender jawline and chin, removing fullness from underneath the chin (submental) and neck can be helpful. Patients now have three options: sucking out the fat (liposuction), freezing the fat (Coolsculpting®), and “dissolving” the fat (KYBELLA®).

Liposuction is a great method for removing submental fat, and the results are immediate. This minimally invasive, in-office procedure is done under local anesthesia by the plastic surgeon. Numbing medicine is delivered to the targeted area first; then a small cannula (“metal straw”) is used to suction out the fat. The plastic surgeon also contours the neck and jawline. After the procedure, a compression wrap is placed around the treated area to reduce the swelling. Most patients return to work within 2-3 days.

For patients who don’t have the time for an in-office procedure, CoolSculpting® is another way for patients to contour their jawline and reduce the fat. Using the latest CoolMini applicator, CoolSculpting® freezes and destroys the fat, allowing the body to naturally filter it out. Patients are able to relax in our lounge chair, listen to music, or catch up on their latest shows while the applicator provides a gentle suction and controlled cooling to the problem area. With CoolSculpting®, there is no downtime and patients are usually able to return to work the next day. Results are seen as early as three months after treatment. An additional treatment might be needed, depending on a patient’s aesthetic goal.

KYBELLA® is a third option for patients who wish to contour their jawline and reduce the fatty fullness under their chin and in their neck. The active ingredient in KYBELLA® is a natural chemical that exists in the human body and breaks down/dissolves fat. For KYBELLA® treatment, the area of concern is carefully marked, and a grid matrix is used to determine the amount of KYBELLA® needed. A very small needle is used to inject the product into the fat, and patients often feel an immediate sensation as the fat cells burst (“dissolve”). Patients will notice some swelling during the first week as the dissolved fat cells are broken down. Like CoolSculpting®, additional treatments might be needed, depending on a patient’s aesthetic goal.

To further improve results, many patients want to recontour the jawline and neck, as well as enhance the rest of the face—including the cheeks, chin, and lips. The latest generation of advanced, longer lasting dermal fillers can target these areas with results that can sometimes last up to two years. Beyond just treating fine lines and wrinkles, the newer dermal fillers are more like “injectable facial implants.” Dermal fillers are great for patients, as they provide immediate results in just one in-office appointment with little downtime. Certain dermal fillers are better for different areas of the face, so it is important to have our board-certified plastic surgeons help you decide which one is right for you.

With so many options now available for facial aesthetic enhancement, even with just non-invasive treatments or injectables alone, you no longer need to rely on makeup or digital touchups to achieve your best facial contour for your selfie. Schedule a cosmetic consultation appointment with our board-certified plastic surgeons to get your customized recommendations for which procedures can help you meet your aesthetic goal.

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