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One concern many of our patients at Liu Plastic Surgery have in common is post-operative scar visibility. Dr. Jerome Liu or Dr. Tom Liu use surgical techniques that are designed to minimize residual scarring, but in addition, we offer two scar therapy products that can reduce the appearance of scars even more. We feel that embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy and bioCorneum®+ are the two scar treatments that are backed by the best scientific evidence, proven through rigorous clinical trials to be effective for many patients. Both of these products must be MD-dispensed, and you can receive either product after your reconstructive or cosmetic procedure at our office.

embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy

embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy allows patients to begin managing their scar before it is fully formed. For patients undergoing procedures such as tummy tuck or breast augmentation, this innovative product is designed to relieve the tension caused by the body’s natural healing process and result in a scar that is less noticeable.

Liu Plastic Surgery is also one of only two pilot sites in the country that is offering embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy treatments for the face. These new facial applications utilize smaller dressings and are ideal for reconstructive procedures. All embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy treatments are applied in-office by a member of our staff to optimize your results.


bioCorneum®+ is a clear topical silicone gel that creates a flexible layer over surgical scars to flatten and soften the skin while helping to prevent scar abnormalities. The gel dries quickly, is easy to apply, and is the only FDA-approved scar treatment that provides SFP30 coverage. This added sun protection aids in preventing both short-term redness and long-term discoloration of the scar. As an added benefit, bioCorneum®+ can also reduce discomfort and irritation of the skin surrounding the scar. bioCorneum®+ is an ideal scar treatment for a wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

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To learn more about how embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy or bioCorneum®+ can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, please schedule an appointment with Liu Plastic Surgery today.

Scar Treatment FAQs:

What is embrace® Active Scar Defense and how does it work?

embrace® Active Scar Defense is a scar treatment that has been clinically proven to improve the appearance and characteristics of post-surgical scars. embrace® is a two-part device that includes a self-applicator that sets the proper tension and an adhesive silicone dressing that protects the incision and relieves the tension. Once the dressing is placed over a scar the incision is protected and the tension is off-loaded from the incision allowing the incision to heal naturally without stress. By relieving tension, this active scar device addresses a pivotal component in the development of bad scarring. Clinical studies have shown that utilizing embrace® helps patients to achieve the best aesthetic outcome for their scar.

What types of scars can embrace® treat?

embrace® is a great scar solution for newly formed scars. It is best used early in the healing process on surgical scars within 2-4 weeks. Because embrace® Active Scar Defense comes in a variety of sizes, it can be used to treat many different types of scars. embrace® can be highly effective for patients with incisions from procedures such as abdominoplasty, arm lift, breast lift, breast reconstruction, and more. Unfavorable older scars (older than 6 months) can also be treated with embrace® but with less of an effect. Older scars may benefit from a scar revision and then a fresh application of the embrace® device.

When do I start treatment with embrace®?

Ideally, treatment with embrace® Active Scar Defense is started once an incision is closed and the acute swelling has subsided. Depending on the size of the operation, this can range from a few days to 2-3 weeks after surgery. For a small scar revision, Embrace can be placed within a few days whereas following an abdominoplasty, embrace® should not be started until 2-3 weeks after surgery. Too early of an application could cause skin blistering at the edges of the device due to swelling and shearing of the superficial skin.

How often and for how long should embrace® be applied?

The embrace® scar device is applied every 7-10 days for 8-10 weeks. Sometimes, patients need more frequent applications due to their activity level or condition of their skin. Extending treatment with embrace® for 12+ weeks has shown to benefit patients who are prone to bad scarring. The board-certified plastic surgeons at Liu Plastic Surgery will determine the best duration of treatment for your scar.

How do I apply Embrace?

It is recommended that our trained office staff apply the device on the first application for instructional purposes. There are also tutorials and videos available on the company website.

What can I expect while wearing Embrace?

Because embrace® Active Scar Defense is only applied every 7-10 days, there are normal changes patients will notice with their dressing as it is worn. Wrinkling or rippling of the device is one change patients often see after the device is applied, and it is a sign that the dressing is working and has conformed to the skin. Sometimes, air pockets can develop as well. This is also normal and occurs as a result of your skin breathing underneath the dressing. When patients shower or ensure strenuous exercise, condensation can also develop. Condensation does not indicate the need to remove the device. As long as the dressing does not have a water pocket and has not lifted, embrace® is working. While patients are treating their scar with embrace® Active Scar Defense, the most important thing for them to monitor is the edges of the silicone dressing. As long as the edges are adhered to the skin, patients can be assured that the scar device is relieving tension and minimizing the appearance of their scar.

When do I remove embrace®?

embrace® typically lasts for 7-10 days before needing to be removed. If the scar device has lifted and the edges are no longer fully adhered to the skin, patients should remove embrace® and prepare for their next application. Between applications, patients should wait 12-24 hours to avoid any skin irritation. Some patients who are sensitive to adhesives may experience irritation under the dressing or at the edges. Depending on the severity of the irritation the treatment may need to be reduced or terminated altogether.

How much does Embrace cost?

Because embrace® Active Scar Defense is used for many types of scars, the cost for each patient varies. The cost for embrace® depends on the length of the scar, the timing of application, and the total duration of treatment. Specialized kits are available for patients to purchase. These kits include strips that are sized appropriately for various procedures. Speak with one of our knowledgeable team members to go over pricing for your individualized kit!

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