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Trying to eliminate body fat that is resistant to traditional means of reduction can be incredibly difficult and frustrating, even with strict adherence to a fitness and nutrition program. Fortunately, there is an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment available that can help to reduce pockets of fat from typical “problem areas,” including the stomach, flanks/hips, thighs, and under the chin. CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary procedure that uses freezing temperatures to induce the body to break down and eliminate fat cells from the body. Dr. Jerome Liu and Dr. Tom Liu, our board-certified plastic surgeons in San Jose, offer this method for patients who are close to their ideal weight and desire a non-invasive approach to fat reduction.

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Why People Choose CoolSculpting®

While liposuction typically can provide excellent body contouring for qualified patients, not everyone is ready for a surgical procedure. CoolSculpting® is FDA approved and offers a non-invasive way to reduce pockets of fatty tissue on the stomach, hips/flanks, and thighs with little downtime, minimal discomfort, and gradual, natural looking results. CoolSculpting® focuses cold energy into the area of concern to spot reduce fat, a benefit exercise can’t claim. Furthermore, this process can be completed quickly, usually in about one hour per each “cycle” or treatment area. During the procedure, individuals can rest, relax, or work while reclining comfortably in our chairs.

About CoolSculpting®

The innovative technology behind CoolSculpting® is a process called Cryolipolysis, which destroys fat cells by freezing them. Because fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperatures than surrounding tissue, the technology is safe for surrounding tissue and minimizes patient discomfort and side effects. Once the fat cells have been broken down, the body can naturally eliminate the tissue through the normal metabolic processes. For many people, a single CoolSculpting® treatment can reduce fat by up to 20 percent in the treatment area. For many patients, this may be sufficient to provide the desired contour and outcome; however, individual results may vary, and some patients will require additional sessions for additional fat reduction or sculpting.

CoolSculpting® offers gradual results. Patients usually can begin to see improvement after approximately one month, with full benefits apparent after approximately two to four months. After this period, additional treatment sessions can be scheduled for more extensive fat reduction.

The Procedure

During the initial consultation, we will discuss the patient’s areas of concern and develop a customized CoolSculpting® treatment plan. The goal is a “treatment for transformation,” where all areas of concern are addressed and the patient has a comprehensive treatment plan. The CoolSculpting® device is comprised of an applicator with two cooling plates. The applicator draws tissue into contact with the plates that deliver the cooling energy to the tissue and fat cells. Most individuals report little to no discomfort during this process. The initial applications feels like someone is tugging and pinching the fat followed by some numbness and tingling in the treatment area. At the conclusion of the procedure, the area must be immediately massaged for one to two minutes, which will feel similar to the discomfort of moving or standing on a leg that has temporarily fallen asleep. This sensation quickly passes and the next area of treatment can be started.

For improved comfort and convenience, our practice now offers treatment with the CoolAdvantage applicator. This innovative advancement works almost twice as fast as the original CoolSculpting® technology. Additionally, the CoolAdvantage applicator is designed to enhance patient comfort during treatment.

The average person requires four to six “cycles” or “treatment zones.” For the convenience of our patients, Liu Plastic Surgery has invested in DualSculpting (utilizing two CoolSculpting® machines at once) so that individuals can be treated twice as quickly. In many instances, it is possible to treat two zones at the same time so total procedural time often can be cut in half. For example, a typical flank and abdomen treatment with six “cycles” can be completed in three hours instead of six hours.

Double Chin Reduction with CoolMini

Patients who wish to reduce the appearance of submental fullness (commonly referred to as a “double chin”) without surgical intervention may be able to benefit from a CoolSculpting® treatment with the CoolMini applicator. The CoolMini is specially designed to address unwanted fat in smaller areas of the body, such as under the chin. Stubborn fat cells in the treatment area can be broken down and eliminated from the body in the same way fat is reduced during a traditional CoolSculpting® treatment.

The Recovery

Following treatment, patients typically return to normal activities, including work, though some mild redness and discomfort in the area is normal. Occasionally, there may be some bruising, though these effects should fade after about one week. Results typically will begin to appear after about one month, though full effects will not be visible for two to four months, depending on how quickly the body metabolizes the fatty tissue. We encourage individuals to maintain a nutritious diet and exercise regimen during this process, as the healthy habits can help increase the benefits of the procedure.

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CoolSculpting® can be an excellent method to reduce pockets of fat from hard to treat areas like the abdomen, thighs, flanks (“love handles”), and under the chin. If you would like to learn more about this state-of-the-art procedure or schedule a consultation with one of our experienced physicians, please contact our office today.


Am I a good candidate for CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is great solution for patients who want to reduce fat in typical problem areas. While it is not designed to be a weight loss solution, it does help contour the body by targeting specific areas of excess fat. A great candidate for the CoolSculpting® procedure is a patient who is within 30 lbs of their ideal weight. When considering a body contouring procedure, many patients prefer a non-invasive option with no downtime and long-lasting results, and CoolSculpting® technology allows patients to have that opportunity. At your consultation, the dedicated CoolSculpting® team at Liu Plastic Surgery will evaluate how the CoolSculpting® procedure can help you to achieve your goal!

What areas can I treat with CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® technology allows patients to reduce fat in common problem areas. Patients often point to or pinch at these problem areas. The CoolSculpting® procedure is FDA-cleared for treating areas, such as the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, as well as underneath the chin. During the procedure, a designated applicator applies controlled cooling to help eliminate fat and contour the region. For the abdomen, flanks, and inner thighs, there are specialized handpieces that suction the pinchable fat and freeze the fat in a controlled environment. For the outer thighs, a specialized cooling plate is used to freeze the fat, which is often less pinchable in this location. The area under the chin requires a special “mini” applicator to freeze the fat with minimal suction.

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