This is why our team at Silicon Valley Institute for Aesthetics (SVIA) is delighted to offer a powerful method of cellulite reduction with QWO® — the first and only FDA-approved treatment specifically designed to minimize cellulite on the buttocks. Dr. Jerome Liu and Dr. Tom Liu, our board-certified plastic surgeons, are excited to provide this transformative solution to buttock cellulite at our Los Gatos, San Mateo, and Sacramento locations.

What is QWO®?

QWO® is the first and only non-surgical treatment FDA-approved to smooth cellulite on the buttocks — one of the most common sites of cellulite formation among a wide range of patients. This injectable is typically delivered over three separate treatments, spaced three weeks apart.

Upon injection, the enzymes in QWO® (known as collagenases) are thought to target the structural cause of cellulite; namely, the underlying fibrous bands that pull down and lead to the appearance of skin dimpling.

As these fibrous bands are released, QWO® also works to redistribute fat cells and stimulate the growth of new collagen. These factors culminate in a noticeable reduction of moderate to severe cellulite. There is no downtime required after injections and normal activities can be resumed immediately. 

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What Causes Cellulite?

Despite popular belief, cellulite is not exclusively caused by excess fat or weight gain. The primary mechanisms behind cellulite are likely a combination of reduced skin tone and enlarged fat cells, which push against the skin as the fibrous bands that tether the fat to the muscle pull down. This can create the signature bumpy, dimpled appearance in the skin that is medically harmless, yet often aesthetically unfavorably. Cellulite is usually more prevalent in women, simply due to differences in genetics and how body fat is distributed when compared to men.

How is Treatment with QWO® Performed?

Before treatment, our experienced medical providers and med spa professionals will evaluate your concerns and determine if QWO® is right for you. Injections take place at our physician-led med spa and plastic surgery practice, where QWO® will be directly delivered to the cellulite in the buttock area. After three weeks, a second round of injections will be performed, followed by a final treatment conducted three weeks later. The number of total treatments for each patient may vary depending on their unique needs. There is generally no downtime required after injections, although minor side effects such as swelling, redness, and mild discomfort may occur. In most cases, injections take no longer than 10 minutes.

What Can I Expect From My Results With QWO® Cellulite Treatment?

In clinical trials, the results of QWO® were evident within 28 days after a patient’s final treatment visit. However, it can take up to 10 weeks for the final outcome to unfold. Those who received injections with QWO® generally experienced a visible reduction in cellulite once their treatment plan was completed, with most patients observing a smoother skin tone and texture in the backside.

Although QWO® may not completely eliminate dimpling, individuals can enjoy a powerful and noticeable improvement in their buttock cellulite. While countless individuals struggle with reducing their cellulite, QWO® can be an effective solution to smooth the buttocks and even out your skin tone. To schedule an appointment for treatment, please contact SVIA online or by calling (408) 412-7320 for more information.

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