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What’s NEW in Abdominoplasty?

Tummy tucks (or abdominoplasties) have been around for quite some time. When patients hear about tummy tucks, many will often share a story of a friend with a prolonged recovery, long visible scar, shapeless abdomen, and an unattractive belly button (umbilicus). To many, a tummy tuck is simply removing the skin and fat of the anterior abdomen, tightening the muscle, and cutting a new hole for the belly button. It […]

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My Breasts. My Body. My Turn.

“Being a mom is pretty amazing—from watching your pregnant belly grow to holding your little one for the very first time. With those memorable moments come changes to your body that may be, well, a little less than amazing.” ¹ Our office is participating in the “It’s My Turn” campaign, sponsored by Allergan, to encourage our beautiful, dedicated mommy makeover patients to focus on themselves! Moms are always putting their […]

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When considering abdominoplasty or liposuction, it helps to think about what each of these procedures are designed to accomplish, as well as what they entail. The principles of evaluation are relatively simple, and it’s important to focus on the basics — especially with all of the marketing out there, such as fancy names and characterizations of what will be done. 1) If there is excess skin, damaged skin, or folds, […]

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What to Expect From Tummy Tuck Surgery

Fall and winter are popular seasons to consider an abdominoplasty, commonly called tummy tuck surgery, as many patients spend additional time at home for holidays and vacation. This procedure is particularly appealing to mothers and individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight, as it is designed to eliminate excess skin, reduce stubborn fat pockets, and tighten underlying muscles of the abdomen. Many patients even indulge in the body […]

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Autumn is a popular time of year, typically due to the beautiful fall colors, cooler temperatures, and opportunity to visit friends and family. This is also an excellent season to consider cosmetic enhancement, as many individuals receive time off from work and desire to look their best for special events. Tummy tuck surgery, also called abdominoplasty, is one of the most commonly performed procedures during this time. Designed to reduce […]

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Body Contouring in the New Year

Did you vow to lose weight last year? Have you noticed areas of fat that simply won’t go away? Or excess skin that is still “hanging around?” In this article, Dr. Liu discusses options to complete your weight loss journey and feel more satisfied with your appearance. Many patients often ask, “Do I need liposuction? Or do I need body-contouring surgery?” The answer is, it depends. Both procedures are related […]

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